Programme of the Student Clubs

Please be aware that a valid ID is required for entry into the clubs and will be checked at the door. If you have a badge, you will not need to pay an entrance fee. Once inside, you can pay for drinks with either card or cash at the bar.

Friday, 2nd June

Welcome to Ilmenau 
Tonight, clubs are closed, but rest assured, there are still plenty of exciting activities happening as part of ISWI 2023

Saturday, 3rd June

Get ready to groove to some amazing live music at Ilmenauer Altstadtfest! Although the clubs are closed, webring the party to the city center with an incredible lineup of live acts performing on stage.

Sunday, 4th June

Clubnacht (9 pm) at bc-Studentenclub
Just party! Our Djs play everything you and they feel like. One thing is for sure: Nobody can stand still here.

Monday, 5th June

Thuringian Night (7 pm) at the bi-Club
To start the week with the right food, we have prepared a special Monday kitchen for you.
This time the delicious food will revolve around typical food from Thuringia.
The menu will be published close to the event on our social media and website.
Kpop x Jpop (9 pm) at the bi-Club
You don’t want to miss our party! Join us for a night of fun and excitement as we play the hits from your favorite idols and groups.
We are also going to have Random Play Dance (RPD) throughout the night!
When the countdown begins, that means the RPD is starting and if you know the choreography of the song, you can go on the dance floor to perform it.

La Cantina (9 pm) at bc-Studentenclub
This latin style pub can do both: great music to warm up for ISWI and a relaxed beer in between. If that’s not enough, you can look forward to our Latin American specials.

Tuesday, 6th June

Know-it-all-Quiz (7 pm) at the BD-CLUB
The TU Ilmenau is known for having a lot of talented and smart people around. To find out who are the smartest ones during the ISWI, we have developed a very special trivia. So gather your friends, form a team and come on over. Please register in advance on our website:

German beer night (9 pm) at the BH-Club
At the German Beer Night you can sample typical German beers and some specialities. If you buy 6 beers today, you will get a 7th one for free.

Wednesday, 7th June

Oktoberfest (10 am) organised by BD-CLUB
The Oktoberfest is a cultural highlight in Germany. People sing, dance and drink beer enormous amounts of beer. So if you want to get to know the most german part of Germany, then do not miss this event of the week.

Metal Wednesday (8 pm) at the bi-Club
It’s going to be loud with us today.
We rummage through the power, glam, heavy, thrash, death, black and all other metal style boxes and play everything the metal heart desires.

World Beats (9 pm) at the bc-Studentenclub
In addition to well-known hits from all over the world, you will also get to know real treasures of international music.

Thursday, 8th June

Clubrotation (10 pm) at all the Clubs
Join us for a night of non-stop partying at Clubrotation! With four amazing clubs and four unique music styles, there’s something for everyone. And to keep the good times rolling, we’ve got Happy Hours with special drinks at each club, one after the other. You won’t want to miss this unforgettable event!

Friday, 9th June

Fiesta Latina (10 pm) at the bc-Studentenclub
It’s getting hot in the club! Dance the night away with bachata, merenge and reggaton. On top our bartenders keep you cool with our specials from tequila and more.

Karaoke (9 pm) at the bi-Club
Today you make the music! But no worries, we only ask for your voices.
Our Karaoke collection contains at the moment over 34 thousand known songs from which you can make your wish come true.

Saturday, 10th June

90er Party (10 pm) at the BD-CLUB
We all love the 90s. It’s the best songs that you can dance and sing along to. And it’s that night where you call your best friend or roommate to take them to one of the most fun, funky and awesome nights of the month.

Eisteeparty (10 pm) at the BH-Club
After the club rotation at the latest, “Ilmenauer Eistee” should be a household name. As the best-known long drink here, we are dedicating an entire evening to it and offering it at a reduced price at our bar today