International Student Week in Ilmenau 2023

Impact of Knowledge: With great knowledge comes great responsibility!

Get to know people and make friends from all-over the world!

Be part of ISWI 2023, Germany’s biggest international student conference of it’s kind and experience a week full of cultural and content related events. ISWI 2023 will focus on the topic of ‘Knowledge, Information and Data’ and the responsibility of dealing with those.

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Experience a week full of ...

Cultural Program

ISWI has a rich cultural program to foster intercultural understanding and friendships! You’ll get to know each other and will have a lot fun at our cultural events, including the Open Air Concert, the World Food Festival and the Intercultural Carnival.

Group Work

During the group work you’ll explore our topic from  certain aspects with people from all around the world.

Keynotes & Panel Discussions

Get excited and dive with our notable speakers into the topic of ISWI 2023. During the Week we will offer several keynotes and panel discussion that focus on different aspects of the topic.

... and much more!

Plan your trip to Ilmenau!

Applications for participants are now closed. If you have received a confirmation for us, you can start planning your trip to Ilmenau for ISWI 2023! The arrival day is the 2nd of June, the departure day is the 11th of June 2023. 

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What do former participants think about ISWI?

I participated in ISWI 2021 and it was my first experience in a SORCE festival. Although the online format was a bit frustrating, I really enjoyed the work in my workshop. The facilitators were motivating and friendly and the other participants were interesting and committed people. We had many constructive exchanges and I was able to learn about the reality of LGBTQI+ people in many countries. With someone from my workshop who lives in Indonesia, we continued to have exchanges on topics concerning the society through voice messages for several months after ISWI 2021. And with another participant we were able to meet in person one year later. This is the strength of ISWI: to allow the creation of bonds beyond borders.
Martina Schiattarella
ISWI 2021 Participant
A platform such as ISWI through the given workshop(s) provided, for me, an experience that recognises and respects the presence of all diverse groups of many wonderful individuals, while at the same time acknowledging and valuing our socio-cultural differences, and encouraging and enabling our continued contribution to divergent ideologies and identities. Through the new and wonderful friendships, and the amazing discussions we had, our words and actions and the frames they created played a significant role in shaping our dialogical perspective of the many challenges we face as individuals and societies. I hope to be a part of the next ISWI meet up to continue growing this amazing experience.
Milimo 'Milz' Maimbo
ISWI 2017 Participant

Dialogue Programme at ISWI 2023

Applications for the Programme are now closed!
The Dialogue Program at the International Student Week in Ilmenau (ISWI) 2023 seeks to enable an open and respectful dialogue aimed at learning from one another. We will be using the dialogue methodology developed and practiced by the Nansen Center for Peace and Dialogue (NCPD).

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